Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Emotionally vulnerable to every little minor things now. I'm gonna give up on everything soon.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

I gave up.
No more sacrifices.
No more additional actions that does not benefit me.
Life will be boring, but that's life.
It's just gonna be me against the world now.
Bye acquaintances.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

omg, it's been so long since i've blogged.

well, the topic this time is still on friends. i guess it's the turning into adult stage for everyone. free time is much lesser for everyone.

also, for certain individuals, i feel that we have lesser and lesser things to talk about.

so how should i look at it?

just ignore them, cos eventually we'll all go on separate ways?

or just keep trying, knowing i'll be hurt in the end when we go our separate ways?

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i think i'm juz sensitive when it comes to friends.

i must really enlighten myself soon that friends are strangers to begin with. they have the power to choose whether they wanna be close to you. you can't force someone to be a close friend of urs, juz like in relationship, u can't force someone to be your partner.

so i should stop getting all emo-ised when i start losing contacts with ppl, and aso not get emo-ised when i'm only close to someone FOR a SHORT period of time.

instead, i should b contented that that person is willing to be a close friend of mine for at least that period of time.

we all have to live our own lives one way or another. so i really think i should strengthen up and ignore these sort of things. i'm blessed if i can have you as a friend, but if i can't, then too bad, it's your loss, go f*** yourself.


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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my blog is getting more n more boring, might be closing it down soon. don't see the need to blog anymore.

what is there to avoid? we can't blame anything, feelings come natural. and too bad if the person don't love u back, suck it up.

and i realised i always ask, what's wrong, what's the problem to certain ppl, the reason is simple, me, i'm the problem.


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Saturday, September 4, 2010

arh.. damn.

it's one of the bad thinking days again.

it would be wonderful if i can turn off my feelings at times.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010


i really do find happiness JUST by being WITH the people i love.

thanks for being the ones in my life.


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Thursday, August 12, 2010


i finally rented a car and drive again. tmr gonna return my honda jazz le. =(

but it was fun, while it lasted bah, at least i can say i'm more confident in driving, after a year plus break.

anyway, i juz realised, the more i look at facebook, the more i get pissed with people. the things they do and say sometimes ar, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. i dunno wad to say.

and damn, i really find it frustrating to ask ppl out nowadays. it's REALLY REALLY annoying when it's being rejected for reasons that are made up and that u found out wasn't true? or even if it's true, nothing is being done so that the outing can be successful.

this is juz irritaing, and damn, i'm starting to give up on asking ppl out, and sometimes i just wanna be alone, by myself, but secretly, still wanting to go out as the playful side of me pulls me out of the door. zzzz.

k la, enuff rants le. i'm done for this post, gonna slp.


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Saturday, August 7, 2010

alrite, it's been some time since i've blog.

It's 2 months to my 21st, gonna start planning once NDP is over. =)

everything has been well. lots of growing up done, new mentalities and stuff like that. hahaha.

and guess wad? i'm finally gonna drive again after so long. i rented a car on random basis, juz to practice driving in preparation for my 21st. hahaha, hope it goes well.

2 more days and it's national day. i wished singapore happy 45th year of independence and hope that she will prosper even more in the years to come. =) hope the NDP, doing the fanfare and the citymarch would not be too too tiring and that it's fun and memorable for me. =)=)

alrite, just a short post. i guess a person serving the nation really have nothing much to blog about de. i believe it's the same for working adults, that's y usually only teenagers have the time to update a blog daily. hahaha.


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Friday, July 23, 2010

lol. so sorry, i haven blog in exactly one month and one day. Lol.

am busy with rehearsals and stuffs. hahaha.

just to share a thought with all of u.

i realised, friends always come and go. for example, in primary sch u have like 50 friends in sch whom u're realli realli close to, but once u graduate from pri sch, maybe after a yr or two, how many of the friends there will u still contact?

it's the same for any point of life, anywhere, once the mutual activities stop, the meeting up stops, and sooner or later, we distant from each other.

i'm glad that i have a few small grps of ppl who i meet often, i'm thankful for them.

but i guess my new mentality now is not to get too emotionally attached to friends since they'll juz come and go in future. or should i juz stick to enjoy my time to the fullest while with them until the mutual activities stop and wonder to myself why the hell did i forge the friendship in the 1st place if noone bothers to maintain it. rite?

however, this made me realised a point in life, that friends come and go, however the one that's always there is your family. very slow for me to only realised this when i'm approaching 21yo. hahaha, i believe now i'll treasure my family more, they're really starting to get old alrdy.

so yup, once friends start to have their partners in life, we'll distant further apart too. i juz hope that whether or not i get a partner of my own in future, that at least i'll have a few friends to keep close contact to.

it takes a certain amt of effort to maintain a bond, if it's one-sided, then juz slowly forget it bah.


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

when i was going thru my things in the cupboard today,

i saw loads of cards and stuff, for my past birthdays.

i was reminded of the great times i had during my sec sch, and aso the times during my primary school.

it appears that time passes realli realli realli quickly. how i wish it'll just slow down a little.

but everyone knows that will never ever happen. becos it's reality.

growing up has been kinda fun, even though u get lots of shit coming ur way, but always ALWAYS remember, life is beautiful, whatever way it is.


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Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup.

it's a good thing when,
- there's lesser crowds on the streets
- many can watch soccer together
- knowing more soccer fanatic friends
- there's a common topic to talk about, anytime, anywhere
- community spirit

but it's a bad thing when,
- friends are so obsessed in watching that they ignore u
- the only thing they talk and get excited about is soccer
- betting issues
- fatigue after watching soccer
- random shouting of "kelong" & "goal" in the neighbourhood

well, i'm not a fan of sports, especially soccer. watching a match will make me sleep. so, i guess to me, i'm just getting the bad things during this world cup period. FML.

non-soccer-match watchers, lets go out and ignore the soccer-obsessed fanatics for a while. lol.


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Sunday, June 6, 2010

so sorry for tha lack of updates nowadays.

nothing special.
long uploading time.

well, that being said, i'll post smth realli soon bah.

recently, lots of parade rehearsals and parades here and there. been trying to work out more to keep the fats minimal in my body. i met up with pearlyn one day and the 1st thing she said is that i bounced back abit le(actual words was: DARREN!! stop growing fat can??). =( i'm trying to run everyday now le, except for days that i go clubbing. hahaha.

talking about clubbing, yes, darren has officially joined the "chao-clubbers" group like his other friends who goes clubbing. so, next time if u all have any clubbing sessions, do feel free to ask me along. if i feel comfortable with the group that is going i'll definitely join in as well. but but but, he's not yet a CHAO-clubber, jus a noob one, i'm new to this area. Lol.

darren here has also decide on some crazy things such as joining the army half marathon, 21km in september, and also joining the standard chartered full marathon, 42km in december. i think i'll die, but nonetheless, i'm going to try it lor, since i've applied alrdy (not say it's free to join wor). FYI, the most distance that i've ran at one shot for now is only 3.4km during my sec sch's cross country event. i think. Lol.-

well, i realised recently i dont realli watch much movies, either there's no nice movies that interests me, or i juz can't sit still during movies anymore. lol. karaoke sessions are running hot on darren's list right now, so karaoke sessions u all aso can jio me la. MAHJONG!! another one of the activity over at darren's rufugees' camp. recently my flame for MJ has been re-inited(i dunno how to spell). so mahjong sessions are also welcome. LOL. i'm having a publicity post right here, sad ar. lol.

alright, now on to the thoughts portion of the post, never fail to make someone else besides me emo. Lol. I think as we grow up, certain things will definitely change, for the better or worse, it'll depends. well, my new mentality, as mentioned in my recent facebook status, "It's starting not to matter anymore." Well, u all can make guesses here and there what is it about, but i shall elaborate here abit bah. lol. well, it's not only about one thing, it' in general, or at least a few things bah.

- friends losing contacts with each other
- inability to find a partner
- gf/bf VS friends
- what others might think when u do this or that
- a loved one being there in your life or not
- close friends dont meet up much
- having money/education certificates or not (actually this one still matters)
- die early or late

yup, it's almost everything that life offers. well, it's starting not to matter to me anymore, dunno if my english structure in this is correct, but oh well, u understand can alrdy. and i realised, when i act that it doesn't bother me at all, it's so much better for both parties, both are happier, no arguements no nothing. but when i feel bothered about it and knowing me, i'll just say it out, it'll juz make the situation worse, or even cause an arguement.

so, acting that it doesn't matter. sooner or later the acting will start to feel like an everyday thing. so much so that it's becoming natural soon. which i hope the process of it will slow down in me, cos this person in my own perspective, will be a COLD person.

so friends out there, i believe everyone has the same issue as me and everyone else. it's the way that certain ppl deal with it that i'm sometimes envy of, some other ppl are just upright cold. i guess there're all sort of ppl across the world, too many to understand individually.

well, enough said on this section. just a thought bah i guess. alright, i think my tagboard has been stagnant for a while, if any of u is reading this, do drop a tag, so that i know this space is still worth updating. lol.

and oh, i forgot to announce 3 things.

ONE. I'm finally, officially, one year soldier. so just one year more til i ORD. =)=)

TWO. I'm ALSO finally AND officially, a one year driver. hahaha, no more P-plate for me, although i never bought/put one before, since i've also not driven for exactly one year. =X=X lol.

AND THREE. For those whom i've missed out telling, my sister is pregnant le. old old news alrdy, but decided to write it here since i've never said it b4(i think). so i'm going to be an uncle soon, around mid-july, and it'll be a niece, for those who're wondering. =)=)

kk la, i'm done with this post le. hope that i can meet up with friends that i haven meet in quite some time, to at least know how they're doing and stuff like that. but then come again, if u don't see the point of meeting, i'm fine with it too!!~! =)

take care & see ya'll around!!~! =)=)

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Friday, May 28, 2010

it's my fault, and i know it.

i SWEAR it's really out of good will.

guess, being too cautious is a bad thing afterall.


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

i'm juz ranting.

is it really that hard to meet up nowadays? what's wrong? adults means dont have to meet up with friends le isit??



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